What do gamers want from brands? New report reveals huge market for advertisers

Jul 2, 2020 | Content marketing, Marketing through gaming, Online advertising

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One in two people worldwide play video games at least once a month, and 58% of gamers say they prefer to buy from brands with a purpose other than just profits, higher than the average consumer, according to new research.

The report’s findings mark the launch of Gameloft for brands, a new identity for Gameloft Advertising Solutions.

While debunking some myths about gamers, the study shows what gamers expect from brands, and how organizations can create meaningful connections with this influential audience.

Gamers & Brands draws on findings from three studies involving over 80,000 gamers, 1,800 brands, and in collaboration with Vivendi businesses. Among the key insights:

• One in two consumers worldwide play video games at least once a month, one in four every day. More than half of the gaming population is over 36
• Women now account for more than half of the gamers’ community
• Gamers are consumer activists: 58% of gamers say they prefer to buy from brands with a purpose other than just profits (51% for Non-gamers)
• Gamers have expectations from brands: 44% of the content provided by brands is not meaningful to them

The report clearly shows that gamers are consumers with specific expectations that companies have to navigate, demanding them to be socially responsible and to provide helpful, inspiring or rewarding content. Leveraging 20 years of gaming expertise, Gameloft works with thousands of organizations to help them better engage with their customers by creating gaming experiences that deliver on those expectations. Today, alongside the report, Gameloft is proud to unveil Gameloft for brands, a new identity for its brand advertising activity that reinforces the company’s commitment to empowering brands with gamified solutions to reconnect with their audiences, overcome attention challenges and drive results.

“The Gamers & Brands report gives powerful insights on what players expect from brands, and demonstrates the value of our mission,” said Alexandre Tan, VP of Brand Partnerships and Advertising at Gameloft. “Today we unveil this study at the same time as we unify all our services behind a clear brand that is an expression of our strategy and of what we want to bring to clients. Our new visual identity and name highlight how we make our business evolve. During the past few months, we have seen more and more people turn to gaming, whether to relax, learn, have fun or keep in touch with friends, proving our strategy as a company to be more relevant than ever.”

Underlining the robust opportunities for brands to engage with gamers, Maria Garrido, SVP Brand Marketing at Vivendi, explains, “Gamers have a more positive and engaging relationship than the general population with brands – 56% say they trust companies and brands. As this cohort is more connected to popular culture, there is a tremendous opportunity for brands to engage gamers, both within the gaming space and as influencers, to carry the brand message to a larger audience.

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