Covid 19: how brands made donations that mattered during the crisis

May 11, 2020 | Clothing, CPG, Instagram, Social media, Unilever - Research, tips and news for marketers

Online retailer donates 5,000 compression socks to help Scotland’s nurses fight fatigue
In the world’s biggest health crisis, here’s how brands stepped up. These donations were brilliantly relevant, timely, and really made a difference.

Amid falling revenues, there were plenty of brands that put their profits aside to find a valuable way to contribute during COVID-19. While some brands were positioned to offer practical help in tackling the spread of COVID-19, others were giving back with donations, in the form of money or products, to those that need it most. From free burritos to medical staff to mobile networks extending data plans, we look at how brands around the world stepped up and gave back during a time of global crisis.

In this special report:

  • Global: Unilever donated €100m in supplies to Covid Action Platform
  • Australia: Optus thanks health workers with free mobile access
  • USA: Chipotle gives away 100,000 free burritos for medical staff
  • UK: Vodafone lightens the pressure with free unlimited data to customers
  • Scotland: Online retailer TRTL donated 5,000 compression socks to help Scotland’s nurses fight fatigue
  • USA: T-Mobile skipped April Fools for charity drive instead
  • Global: Mobile games developers team up to aid global charities
  • UK Freebike distributes sanitised cycles to local hospitals for keyworker commuters
  • Local restaurants offer discounts to key workers

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