Oscars social buzz: Get Out’s Jordan Peele reigns supreme on Twitter

Mar 7, 2018 | Social media

Jordan Peele, winner of Best Original Screenplay for Get Out, was the most Tweeted about celebrity by UK Twitter users during this year’s Oscars, according to new data.

The research, from Kantar Media, used its Social TV Ratings tool analyse UK-based Twitter activity around the Oscars for one week before the ceremony, and during the broadcast itself, to reveal the winners and losers according to social media.

While Guillermo Del Toro took home Best Picture and Best Director on the night, Jordan Peele reigned supreme on Twitter, with 2,565 mentions during the broadcast window (23.30 – 05.30 UCT), compared with Del Toro who was Tweeted about 684 times. Peele’s Tweet, ‘I just won an Oscar. WTF?!?’ was the most ReTweeted during the broadcast window, with 1.5k ReTweets.

Peele’s Get Out, winner of Best Original Screen play, was the most mentioned film during the broadcast window, followed by Call Me By Your Name, winner of Best Adapted Screen Play with 295 and 244 Tweets respectively.

The biggest moment of the night was Shape of Water being awarded Best Picture, which generated 645 Tweets in 60 seconds.

In the week leading up to the Oscars (including the night itself) #GetOut, #MeToo and #TimesUp, were the most popular hashtags, posted 1,971, 1,479 and 809 times respectively. During the broadcast window, #GetOut beat #theShapeofWater to be the most popular hashtag, posted 1,266 and 470 times, respectively.

The Greatest Showman’s Keala Settle, singer of ‘This is Me’, nominated in the Original Song category was the celebrity that was Tweeted about most in the 48 hours before the awards, with 755 Tweets followed by Margot Robbie with 224 Tweets.

Settle was the most talked about nominee who didn’t take home an award, with 1,433 Tweets in the week leading up to the ceremony, including the night itself. The Greatest Showman was the most mentioned film not to win an award, receiving 744 Tweets during the same period.

Overall, UK Twitter users Tweeted about the Oscars 183,235 times, making 97,995,590 impressions over the week before the ceremony. Men made up a slim majority of the Tweeters during this period, accounting for 52.5% of Tweets (36,310), compared with women, who accounted for 32,892 Tweets.

And the award for top brand goes to…

THR, Variety and Indiewire were the brands that generated the most discussion in relation to the Oscars on Twitter in the week ahead of the event, with Variety taking the pole position during the broadcast window, receiving 1,464 mentions.

Richard Poustie, Chief Executive, Kantar Media UK & Ireland, commented: “Twitter gives ordinary viewers the chance to be critics and social commentators, empowering them to make their views heard in a space traditionally dominated by news outlets and media personalities. The Oscars brings together a vast and vocal audience of fashion and movie lovers, giving brands the opportunity to engage with fans around the world. By tapping into this event, using the right messages at the right time, brands and broadcasters can open up a valuable opportunity.

“Today, audience engagement is not limited to the broadcast window. Brands that fail to track engagement outside of this specific slot will find that they are missing out on a significant part of the conversation that audiences are having.”

Influencers on the night

YouTube personalities news outlets drove conversations on the night, with YouTube personalities Phil Lester (@AmazingPhil) and Daniel Howell (@danielhowell) ranking as the first and third biggest influences posting about the Oscars, with BBC Breaking News in second place

Comedian, Sarah Pascoe and television personality, Piers Morgan, posted the two Tweets with the biggest impressions while debating celebrities and politics on the night, with Pascoe taking first place with 632.6k, compared with Morgan’s 369.7k.

Data is based on the Kantar Social TV Ratings tool, which was launched in 2014 as the official metric for understanding, analysing and benchmarking the impact of social media on TV viewing habits.
All Kantar Social TV Ratings data applies to the period between 25th February and 6th March 2018.


  • Data provided from Instar Social using only UK originating Tweets.
  • Tweets identified through coding specific keywords and hashtags assigned by Kantar Media’s UK Social TV team.
  • Impressions are the number of times that a Tweet or reTweet has been seen or has had the opportunity to be seen about a specific program. Each Twitter user is counted as many times as they have seen Tweets or reTweets about a program.
  • Unique Authors are calculated as the number of unique authors of Tweets about the program in question.
  • Broadcast Window data calculated as Tweets and re-Tweets captured during the live program broadcast +/- 30 minutes either side.
  • All other data is calculated via a 24/7 tracking method which captures engagement beyond the traditional broadcast window. This method tracks Twitter engagement with programs on a 24/7 basis – i.e. Tweets about a program are captured every day, all day whether the program is being broadcast or not.

Source: www.kantarmedia.com

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