Fiverr debuts AI-powered ‘Logo Maker’ for brands

Feb 14, 2020 | Ad tech, Artificial intelligence, Content marketing, Marketing transformation, Online advertising

Fiverr debuts AI-powered ‘Logo Maker’ for brands
Fiverr is launching Logo Maker, a new service that uses AI to instantly match business buyers with automatically personalized logos, based on hand-crafted designs from vetted designers.

Fiverr’s Logo Maker is an evolution of its Service-as-a-Product model with the added opportunity of access to work with the original designer of the logo they choose.

“The idea that artificial intelligence will eliminate many jobs in the future is outdated. Automation will not displace human imagination and creativity, rather, the technology’s impact will be in supporting and enhancing fundamental human capabilities. The future of work is one where AI supports more people, to create more with less effort,” said Micha Kaufman, founder and CEO of Fiverr.

“As a company that puts our community first, we believe our approach to building smart AI tools not only supports their efforts in delivering exceptional work, but also bolsters their opportunities for work and earning potential.”

With Logo Maker, Fiverr now covers custom designed logos for businesses looking to work directly with experienced designers from scratch to those who want a simple do-it-yourself option.

For more information about Logo Maker access the tool here

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