Top 10 burning issues in digital: comScore warns of TV digital divide and programmatic pricing pressure

Aug 17, 2017 | Content marketing, Mobile, Online advertising, Online video, Search engine marketing, Social media

Digital monitoring firm comScore has published its Top 10 Burning Issues in Digital report providing a perspective on the most pressing topics, issues and trends that are changing the way media buyers and sellers evaluate digital in the context of the broader media ecosystem.

Some of the key issues in the report are:

  • Bridging the divide between TV and digital to realize the value of cross-platform media planning and buying
  • The shift in media planning beyond age and gender towards the use of advanced audience segments
  • Addressing mobile measurement challenges to improve monetization and give digital media a bigger seat at the table
  • The challenge in measuring unduplicated reach across platforms, including distributed content platforms, to help publishers better articulate their value to advertisers
  • The value of moving beyond digital ad viewability to focusing on the metrics that matter like campaign reach and frequency, as well as attitudinal, behavioral and sales lift
  • Advancements in sophisticated, multi-touch advertising attribution that better illuminate what’s working so that marketers can allocate their budgets more efficiently

Writing in the company blog, Andrew Lipsman, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Insights, said: “What fascinated us in looking back at this content was the realisation of just how different the issues today were versus just a few years ago. That’s how fast the digital media industry changes, where the most pressing concerns of yesteryear have either been solved, faded into the background, or simply been overtaken by more significant issues.

Lipsmam added: “If there’s a single common thread through most of this year’s themes, it is the power of digital data to drive quality. The world today looks very different than even a few years ago because of the large datasets now underlying all of measurement. Data scale brings with it a host of new challenges and increasing complexity, but at the same time offers new ways of solving previously intractable challenges. Large datasets allow us to leverage data science methods to eliminate waste, improve methodological approaches, slice and dice data more finely, and combine disparate datasets to drive new value.”

Download comScore’s Top 10 Burning Issues in Digital report here.

The full top 10 list is here:

The Top 10 Burning Issues in Digital include:

  • Bridging the divide between TV and digital
  • Advanced audience data
  • Monetizing mobile
  • Measuring unduplicated reach across platforms
  • Cross-device marketing
  • Programmatic pressure on CPMs
  • Moving beyond viewability
  • Filtering big botnets
  • The value of attention
  • Advertising attribution


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